→ Rory Hawthorne | 16 | District 12 | Logan Lerman | Open

Rory is a wildchild. While his brother Gale is a lot more focused than he, he’s very free with himself. Growing up Rory really didn’t notice that having no dad was abnormal. Katniss, the girl Gale hung out with had no dad and for most of his life he had no dad. It doesn’t bother him a lot but it takes its toll on him. Growing up he tried to model himself after his brother but he found his brother boring when he got old enough to know his own likes. Rory is a people person. He likes to party, so to speak. 

He’s a popular kid in high school and is so charming it’s sick. He’s the youngest captain of Panem High’s soccer team in nearly eight years. He’s not to worried about the future and is more worried about what shirt he’s going to wear tomorrow. Having no dad and growing up around his mom has made him more acceptable to emotions than most guys. He’s not afraid to cry or show his feelings.  Which makes him seem a little more emotional than most. A hopeless romantic.

Friends with → Primrose Everdeen, Katniss Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne, Prodigy Hudson, open.

Possible love interest → Primrose Everdeen, Prodigy Hudson, open.

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