Hello beautiful people!

We’re still alive! I know a lot of us have been busy with real life among other things. I’m planning on getting us a new look and hopefully coming up with some new ideas among other things in the next month or so. If any of you have any ideas or anything you’d like to see then just let me know. I love you all!


Anonymous: Who are the admins? Would one of the admins happen to be Ash?

Sorry, Nonnie. You might have the wrong roleplay. 

Anonymous: are you open to becoming affiliates with another rpg?

Of course. I don’t see why not.

wakethedemon: Hi I know I've been horrible lately and not online at all and it's all just ugh. A lot has been going on both school and personal-wise. But I'm dropping by to say I'm still here! I'm still here and I'll be very much ready to come back and rp with you all very soon, more specifically this Friday. I'm so sorry I said I was back and then I left again, but now I'm actually coming back. Sorry I've been so absent, I love you guys and thank you for bearing with me <3

Shh. It’s okay bby. We love you and miss you!

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Anonymous: Is Cato on a hiatus, or is his role going to be opened?

Last time we spoke with Cato’s player she was super busy with school. Whether or not the role will be reopened and when, will be discussed at a later time.

Jess announcement:

I have been really off lately, tired and kinda lethargic and then this weekend I started having a hard time breathing. I went to the doctor today and it turns out I have pneumonia. A pretty bad case but I will be ok. I am now on medication and should be getting stronger but I am going to ask you all to please please please bare with me while I am sick.


For those of you that don’t know this applies not to just Marvel but to Peeta and Jason as well. I hope you feel better soon bby!

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Everyone Follow Greyson!


The character below has been reopened due to inactivity. If anyone would be interested in the character of Effie Trinket; her bio can be found here.

Greyson Nynx Accepted; Welcome Not Jess!

You know the drill. Make his account within 24 hours to let us know one of your other spawns of satan are here!

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The people below must make a text post in the next 48 hours before their characters are reopened. If you think you’re going to be absent for an extended amount of time you must contact the main site.  This is their final warning.

survivingsagittaria: I'm so sorry my activity has been so ropy, I'm swamped with exams. I'll be back soon!

It’s completely fine! We understand. And thank you for letting us know :)

Everyone Follow Annie!

Everyone Follow Finnick!

Annie Cresta Accepted; Welcome Lynn!

You’ve been accepted! Jess is actually the worse so kudos to you for dealing with her. Just get us her url within 24 hours to let us know you are here! Side note: I have no idea why your blog looks so familiar but it does anyway hi!

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Finnick Odair Accepted; Welcome Back Jess!

Here’s to hoping no one in the future uses this as reference. Disclaimer to anyone looking at this; Jess thinks the rules don’t apply to her but she has submitted an actual app before. You know what to do you terrible person. Make his account and get us the url within the next 24 hours or I’ll pretend I never got this.

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